8BA Group’s Yallabid Appreciation Event Brings Together Dubai’s Elites

A night of luxury and connection at the 8BA Group’s Yallabid Appreciation Event in Dubai. Style, fun, and appreciation – a great combination!

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It was a great success when the event took place on February 8th, 2024, following a night of luxury and friendliness at The 8BA Group’s Yallabid Members & Partners’ Appreciation Event. The event was held in Al Quoz 3, Dubai’s classy auction house called “the elite” and it had a perfect blend of style, fun and appreciation.

The atmosphere was electric with excitement as guests arrived, setting the stage for a night filled with magic.

This trial auction was the climax of the event which offered a peek into premium services offered by 8BA Auction House and created an impression that will last forever in everyone who attended.

The entertainment galore made matters even better because there was so much excitement that characterized it. A delicious meal served as proof of what community means to 8BA Group: where people would meet others who they could develop lasting relationships with or simply have conversations with them.

Presented by Glitz Mega Group and professionally organized by Rendezvous Event Management inspired under the leadership of Ms. Sherry Faller, this event proved how greatness combines with innovation to create appreciation, entertainment and art.

It was a fun-filled evening that attendees will long remember, underscoring 8BA Group’s commitment to fostering harmony and cooperation in Dubai, as well as Yallabid Members & Partners Appreciation Event’s success.


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