Burj Al Arab Hosts Grand Princely Ball of Monte-Carlo to Celebrate International Women’s Day

This year, the iconic Burj Al Arab will be hosting the Grand Princely Ball of Monte-Carlo honoring International Women’s Day on March 8th, 2024.

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A grand event packed with world-class artists, performers, singers, ballet stars, and musicians promises an enchanting evening filled with magic. Attendees will have the unique opportunity to personally meet members of royal families, famous designers, and stars of the big screen.

The gala will take attendees to a fairy tale, with a meticulous dress code requiring ladies to wear fairy tale outfits such as ball gowns, and gentlemen to dress up in formal military uniforms, black or white tie clothes. Inspired by the allure of Monte-Carlo, the event seeks to create a regal ambiance by converting the Burj Al Arab’s Al Falak Ballroom into a magnificent setting.

Delia Grace Noble, an opera soprano and UNICEF Ambassador, is the creative director of this distinguished event. The objective is to make visitors’ amazing creative imaginations a reality, leaving them with lasting emotions.

Monte-Carlo’s Grand Princely Ball is well-known for its elite guest list, which includes princes and princesses from all over the globe. The elegant event will feature performances by the top artists, dancers, singers, and performers, creating an air of grandeur and beauty.

The event will begin with a welcome cocktail themed “Midsummer Night’s Dream,” followed by the inauguration of the Great Dance Ball, a gala dinner, artistic performances throughout the evening, and a stunning midnight ball.

The celebrations will continue with a unique dance set by the resident DJ of Buddha Bar Monte-Carlo, followed by an after-party celebration.

Monaco-based Grand Princely Ball is renowned for its expertise in conjuring, executing, offering guests a journey into a fantastic world where fiction becomes reality.

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