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Cartier Libre Polymorph: A Lesson in Transformation and Fluidity

Step into the enchanting world of Cartier Libre, where creativity knows no bounds and unexpected encounters await.

Mar 28, 2024 | By

Cartier Libre Polymorph taps into nature’s vast creativity for a unique set of masterpieces.


Conventional forms and designs are challenged, each pushing the boundaries of expertise and savoir-faire in a relentless pursuit of innovation. Drawing inspiration from a rich tradition of exploration and curiosity, these creations play with pure forms, transcending limits and exploring new perspectives in watchmaking, jewellery, and accessories. Each year, limited edition pieces that defy expectations are crafted with boundless freedom and imagination by the Cartier Creation Studio.

The latest addition to the Cartier Libre family is the Polymorph collection. This mesmerising collection of watches and jewellery shares a common trait: the ability to transform. Inspired by the fluidity of nature, each piece pays homage to constant motion, embracing a creativity that welcomes the unexpected.

Within this alternate universe, Cartier defies expectations and transports you to a realm where the emblematic Panther prowls, exquisite beauty reigns supreme, and blink-and-its-gone jewellery awaits. It is the signature of a maison in motion, where every creation is here one moment and gone the next, leaving an indelible impression of elegance and innovation. These stylistic marvels breathe life into stillness, blurring the lines between artifice and nature. Bracelets mimic the trajectory of the sun, rings dance with the sway of a flower’s pistil, and unique sets seamlessly transform before your eyes.

Claws Out

Cartier’s brooch embodies the Panther’s savagery with four claws sculpted in precious stones. Moonstones, snow-set diamonds and custom-cut onyx adorn this audacious piece. When clipped onto the lapel, the brooch adds a touch of elegance and mystery to any occasion. A miniature dial with snow-set diamonds reveals itself when the brooch is pressed.

From Sunrise to Sunset

Jeanne Toussaint’s passion for unique gems is showcased in this bracelet, which is crafted to reflect the journey of sunlight. Pink chalcedony, orange moonstone, palmeira citrine, Madeira orange citrine, intense fire opal, spessartite garnet, pink sapphire and yellow sapphire, and orange rutilated quartz dance amidst diamonds to portray the sun’s hues from dawn to dusk. Each crescent, encrusted with diamonds and fine stones, is held by golden prongs to capture the magic of movement and chromatic beauty in a mesmerising display.

Celestial Encounter

Cartier’s graphic ring captures the allure of a solar eclipse with rotating discs of white gold, onyx, and diamonds. Mimicking the phases of this celestial event, the ring offers an infinitely interactive design, unfolding to its full width or folding inwards for a singular focal point — a testament to jeweller’s expertise and nature’s enduring beauty.


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