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Inaugural L’ÉCOLE Middle East Exhibition Launches: Garden Of Emeralds

L’ÉCOLE Middle East has announced an annual exhibition programme in its mission to share the art of jewellery with the world.

Dec 04, 2023 | By

Its inaugural exhibit will be dedicated to the emerald. ‘Garden of Emeralds’, and will be part of the ‘Discover the gemstones’ series.

It will present research carried out by L’ÉCOLE, School of Jewellery Arts on emeralds, with the aim of introducing as many people as possible to the scientific, cultural, artistic and technical aspects of the gem.

The tour takes visitors from the depths of the earth, where the unlikely union of elements gives birth to emerald crystal, to the workshops where it is shaped and worked by expert hands to reveal its colour, intensity and beauty.

Lapidaries, designers, gem setters and jewellers all work together to create the most beautiful pieces of jewellery.

The emerald remains the most coveted of the gemstones, the most prized and certainly the most studied. Since ancient times, and as newer deposits have been discovered, emeralds have fuelled the imagination and creation of jewellers.

They have nurtured the symbolism that comes with the colour green, first and foremost that of nature, but also of power, whether religious, military or social. Legend even has it that the emperor Nero had emerald glasses specially made to soothe his eyes when he attended gladiator fights.

The Dubai exhibition also inaugurates the 4th permanent campus of L’ÉCOLE, School of Jewellery Arts, after Paris, Hong Kong and Shanghai.

With a presence in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, L’ÉCOLE, School of Jewellery Arts continues its mission of spreading jewellery culture to the widest possible audience, through courses, conferences, publications and exhibitions.

For more information and ticket booking, please visit: Garden Of Emeralds

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