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SICIS Launches The Incanto Collection, where every piece tells a story

Italian Maison SICIS Jewels has launched its latest eye-catching Incanto Collection.

Dec 28, 2023 | By


Every piece tells a story, a tale of passion and dedication that echoes through the ages and leaves an indelible mark on the world of fine jewellery.

Micromosaic flowers infuse the pieces with a touch of whimsy and romance, while the diamonds, rubellites, and tourmalines add a dazzling sparkle that catches the light and captures attention.

Each piece reflects the brand’s signature fusion of traditional techniques and contemporary aesthetics, an ode to meticulous attention to detail and exceptional artistry, culminating in an opulent and exquisite creation that is destined to be a cherished family heirloom for generations to come.


Among the standout pieces of the collection, the breathtaking Fantasia necklace reigns supreme. Crafted from lustrous white gold, it is adorned with an array of exquisite elements including micromosaic, diamonds, and a captivating cascade of sapphires.

The Iris Mauve collection stands as yet another masterpiece in the dazzling lineup of SICIS Jewels, characterised by a striking interplay of colours and textures achieved through the intricate micromosaic technique.

Iris Mauve

The collection’s elegant composition is further elevated by the use of exquisite amethysts and diamonds, imbuing it with an unparalleled aura of luxury and sophistication.

Other notable pieces in the collection include the Nymphalia Purple Emperor, Ribbon Green, Anemone Aqua, and the iconic Damisa Ice Necklace. Each piece was expertly crafted with precision and care, showcasing SICIS Jewels’ exceptional skill and mastery of the art of jewellery making.

Nymphalia Purple Emperor

The Nymphalia Purple Emperor collection, in particular, is an exquisite masterpiece that reflects the breathtaking beauty of the Apatura iris. The elaborate wing pattern, embellished with a captivating arrangement of sapphires and diamonds, perfectly captures the butterfly’s violet shades, emanating an aura of ageless allure and elegance. Furthermore, the micromosaic technique was used to recreate the small eyes located at the edges with incredible precision and detail.

The Ribbon Green collection features a mesmerizing green ribbon that appears to float in mid-air, effortlessly capturing the essence of nature’s beauty, and evoking a sense of grace and movement.

Ribbon Green

The ribbon’s mesmerising three-dimensional effect was achieved through the intricate micromosaic technique. The result is a stunning visual effect that is both dynamic and captivating, drawing the viewer in and holding their gaze. The combination of green hues in varying shades and textures adds depth and dimension to the ribbon, creating a lively interplay of light and shadow that further enhances its visual appeal.

Anemone Aqua

The Anemone Aqua collection features a stunningly intricate and elegant flower, delicately crafted using rare and precious materials sourced from the depths of the earth. The aquamarine petals of the Anemone Aqua are meticulously arranged to create a lifelike representation of the flower, with each petal reflecting the natural beauty and grace of this delicate blossom. Adding to the stunning beauty of the Anemone Aqua is the use of sophisticated micromosaic tiles, which are carefully arranged to form the intricate details of the flower.

Damisa Ice Necklace

Finally, the Damisa Ice Necklace, a symbol of the Maison for many years, is an authentic masterpiece of fine jewellery. The focal point of the necklace is a captivating magnetic leopard with fiery eyes that seems to glow with an intense and ethereal radiance. Adorned with shimmering diamonds, it catches the light with every movement.

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