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Opening a new frontier in Dubai, UAE is Sherry Faller, the founder and managing director of Glitz Mega Group, who will bring her wealth of experience to the up-and-coming gulf city…

Oct 20, 2022 | By Joseph Low

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Hello Sherry, we are excited to have Glitz Mega Group and launching in October. Why do you think would be a good fit in the Middle East?

We are extremely excited to launch Glitz Mega Group here in the UAE, and bring three internationally- renowned titles to the region. We will be featuring luxury news related to watches, cars, high-end properties, lifestyle, art and travel, following in the footsteps of its popular Singapore-based parent title, one of the world’s largest luxury news portals with 2.6M views/month. We will also be the Middle East representative of YACHT STYLE and PALACE magazines, produced by the owners of LUXUO.

Tell us more about your team and the experience they will be bringing to steer the brand?

My professional experience started in Shanghai and Hong Kong working with top media companies from traditional to digital media. I have managed accounts like L’Oreal Group, Pernod Ricard, Diageo, Lufthansa Airlines, Osim China, LVMH, Chopard, Cartier, General Motors, Land Rover, Jaguar and other brands from the yachting, luxury properties, and private jets industries. I was very lucky to have these experiences that helped me build valuable contacts and a client base with phenomenal results that allowed me to penetrate the Middle Eastern market. Paolo Gomez, my Sales and Marketing Director, whom I have known way back when I used to live In Shanghai. He moved to Dubai in 2016 and I felt that he could greatly contribute to the growth of Glitz Mega Group.

In your opinion, what type of luxury news are Emiratis particularly interested in?

The UAE, being one of the quintessential luxury capitals in the world, Emiratis are mostly interested in all kinds of news that appeal to their luxurious tastes. Hence, I can really see the potential of my company in this region.

What do you think will be specific to that makes it unique from the other editions like LUXUO Vietnam and

Middle East has shown tremendous development over the past few years. A lot of the Fortune 500 companies have now entered the region as well. Especially Dubai, where it is known for everything lavish and grand, the land of the extreme, will be able to share with its followers some rare and one-of-a-kind news and information.

Are there special events and activations planned for the launch of

Yes, we are going to launch Glitz Mega Group at the Capital Club — Dubai’s premier private business club at the vibrant Dubai International Financial District (DIFC) on 20 October 20, 2022 and have invited guests within the luxury industry.

You have amassed a wealth of experience in both Shanghai and Hong Kong, what prompted you to move over to Dubai?

The year 2020 was challenging to the world and many attributed it to the Covid-19 pandemic and yet Hong Kong underwent a traumatic time due to protests that lasted for a year and affected all kinds of businesses including my industry which is advertising, marketing, PR and events. Many companies have stopped spending in this sector. During this period, I got in touch with my former boss Olivier Burlot, CEO of Heart Media Group in Singapore and he gave me the idea to open LUXUO in another area. When the UAE market opened its doors for me, I found myself in a unique and exciting position, hence Glitz Mega Group was created.

Could you tell us more about the Dubai luxury scene this past year, especially with the easing of pandemic measures?

Dubai gained global traction not only in fashion but also as the ultimate luxury hub of the world. It also presents a huge opportunity for all buyers to find a myriad of collections in one place especially now that we are already seeing the end of the pandemic.

What do you think are some trends that suggest the luxury market is growing even further in the city?

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Dubai is still growing each day. You will see a lot of new buildings being developed all over the city. The rules and laws are constantly changing making it easy for the investors, as well as the residents, to invest in Dubai. And because of that, this entices a lot of luxury brands to enter the Middle East.

Apart from its strategic location, what do you think makes Dubai such an attractive place for luxury brands to make its presence known?

Dubai always strives to come up with the world’s first. The entire world is watching and waiting for Dubai to come up with something extreme — and they always do. Because of that, many brands want to become part of this lavish and extravagant lifestyle that Dubai has to offer.

If you were to make a conjuncture, do you think Dubai would be the next powerhouse for luxury experiences and shopping?

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I believe Dubai is already a powerhouse when it comes to luxury experiences and shopping. Being in the middle of the world, Dubai has simply become a great location for trade. You can see an amalgamation of brands from the West and the East. The number of tourists that come to Dubai each year is just astounding and that’s where a lot of Dubai’s GDP comes from.

How important is the luxury sector for Dubai and is there a difference in how the Emiratis perceive luxury as compared to spenders in Asia and the West?

Dubai is overflowing with everything extreme. From luxury properties to supercars on the road, the tallest building in the world, most expensive hotels and many more. It is no surprise that Emiratis love luxury goods and brands. For them, it is not only social status but it has become part of their daily life.

Where do you see Glitz Mega Group three years from now?

As we approach the end of the pandemic, especially in Dubai where everything is back to normal, everyone in the world is excited to go out there again. Glitz Mega Group arrived in the Middle East at the best time. I can see, with our hard work and strong and talented members of the company, Glitz Mega Group will rise together to become The UAE’s number one portal for hard-luxury news and information.

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