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Swiss excellence comes to the Middle East: C.E.O of Valmont shares the importance of climate change as the brand expands into the region

As Dubai hosts COP28, the spotlight is on brands to showcase their contributions to the challenges of climate change.

Dec 18, 2023 | By

Sophie Vann Guillon, who joined Valmont in 2000, tells us of the brand’s efforts in the global climate action movement.

Founded in 1985 within a Swiss cosmetic surgery clinic, it has since evolved into a global powerhouse of Swiss expertise and now, its new focus is the GCC and Middle East.

The brand’s strengths are the transparency of the formulas and their extreme concentrations for a visible efficiency, says Sophie Vann Guillon, who says the key to standing out in a crowded market comes from many factors.

“For many years, we worked on sustainable actions such as our Phyto alpine garden,” she says, pioneering a way to integrate biodiversity into the products. A push to protect the Swiss alpine flowers and Swiss bees was seen with the launch of ‘Essence of Bees’. Through a partnership with a respected Swiss beekeeper, Valmont sources the treasures of honey, propolis and royal jelly for the unique complex.

Valmont values the importance of meeting the customer demands of more responsible consumption, seeking brands which are doing their part to minimise the impact on the environment.

Around 94% of the Valmont products are made in Switzerland and all of the company’s suppliers are certified by 2 sustainable norms (ISO 14001, Ecovadis).


The brand draws on nature in all its products. DNA is an important element in cell regeneration and remains the skin’s essential anti-aging active ingredient. From natural and marine origin, DNA is lyophilized in our laboratories. It is Valmont’s principal raw materials that goes into its skincare formulas.

Glacial spring water, drawn from the snow-capped Swiss mountains, is a key natural ingredient. At more than 2,000 meters of altitude, the Arolla glacier is the source of pure water flow which is soft and perfectly balanced, promoting skin cell metabolism and enhancing the skin’s natural defense system.

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