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Rixos Premium Dubai Collaborates with Renowned Artist Deniz Sagdic to Create a Mesmerising and Eco-Friendly Art Exhibition

Running throughout the summer from June 15th to August 15th, the exhibit showcases 14 of Deniz Sagdic’s unique art works

Jun 23, 2023 | By

Deniz Sagdic

Rixos Premium Dubai is hosting an exhibit by Turkish artist, Deniz Sagdic, in the hotel’s grand lobby from June 15th to August 15th. The talented artist, who has previously presented her work in the likes of Milan, London, and Hong Kong, will showcase some of her work, famed for creativity and sustainability.

Known for using recycled materials, Sagdic’s work is not only breathtaking but also promotes sustainability.  Deniz promotes sustainability by bringing a new perspective to environmentally friendly approaches by evaluating all kinds of human-made wastes. Entitled “Ready-ReMade”, the art show will feature 14 exquisite pieces on seven specially designed stands.

Deniz Sagdiç’s art is an amalgamation of classical techniques and conceptual art, using recycled waste to blend her passion for sustainability with her deep sense of creativity. Through her “Ready-ReMade” project, she breathes new life into everyday objects that would otherwise be discarded. Deniz detaches objects from their physical functions, giving them a new function with its own unique perspective, and makes them to appeal to the soul.

A firm believer in sustainability, Deniz Sagdic uses her artwork as a medium to prompt viewers to contemplate their consumption patterns. Human faces feature prominently in Deniz Sagdic’s artwork, as she believes that they possess the power to communicate emotions and thoughts effectively. By combining waste materials with human faces, Deniz aims to remind us of our true essence and challenge societal notions of consumption.

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