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Meet the women challenging the boundaries of fine leather craftsmanship

Dec 14, 2022 / Fashion & Style

Alessandra and Nathalie Faggioli are proving that great fashion genius runs in the family…

Michael Gelpke, CEO of Glam Properties

Nov 07, 2022 / Leaders

High-profile agents serving high-profile clientele, here’s why Michael Gelpke, CEO Glam Properties is the man every celebrity wants to buy a house from in Dubai…

Glitz Mega Group Launches LUXUO.ae

Oct 20, 2022 / Events

Opening a new frontier in Dubai, UAE is Sherry Faller, the founder and managing director of Glitz Mega Group, who will bring her wealth of experience to the up-and-coming gulf city…

Tissot CEO Sylvain Dolla Wants To Make Watches For Everyone

Oct 20, 2022 / Watches

Tissot CEO Sylvain Dolla explains why the fame of the PRX collection is an extension of a long tradition, and how that history is defined by continuous innovation…

An Exclusive Interview with Tony Habre

Sep 29, 2022 / Leaders

The man behind some of Dubai’s most revered restaurants, Addmind’s CEO Tony Habre shares his perfect formula for success in the hospitality industry…

Top 10 Philanthropists in the World

Sep 23, 2022 / Leaders

As one of the richest nations in the world, the US has about 700 billionaires residing in the country and the accumulated wealth of the top 1 per cent of the population reached a record US$45.9 trillion at the end of the fourth quarter of 2021 as reported by the Federal Reserve. Despite various economic […]

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